Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Plot Your Retreat: A Message from Wendy


I think everyone, no matter what path they’re on in the writing journey, hates their plot at one point or another. Writing is a lonely road, and sometimes finding the support you need to keep going is hard, especially when you’re just starting out and don’t have your tribe.

That’s why we’re here. I’m Wendy Knight, author of sixteen novels, from middle grade to New Adult, from contemporary romance to Sci-Fi, although YA urban fantasy is my favorite. So far.
 I’ve been writing stories since I was little and could hold those fat crayons that toddlers can’t break, but I just started publishing four years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Well, maybe once or twice. Publishing is hard!

One thing every single one of those books has in common is that at one point, I hated what I was writing. Either it was the plot, or I thought I was horrible (usually it’s this. My husband assures me this is not the case and feeds me chocolate), or the dialogue just wasn’t working, or the characters were ignoring me. There’s always something to fight through, and that doesn’t change no matter how many books I write.

It all started with a tweet. I was complaining (because squeaky wheel…or because I’m whiny. I’m not sure which) on Twitter, and Travis (aka STL), longtime friend whose name I didn’t even realize was Travis until recently, responded…

WK: “I hate my new plot. I need a road trip. Or a writers retreat #writersproblems”
STL: “Perhaps you (or I) or someone can host an online retreat. Writers can come together for chats & discuss likes, hates, & whatever.”
WK: “Oh my gosh that’s the best idea ever! Let’s do it!”

And so this idea was born, and although Travis did all the heavy lifting, I helped a little, too. And we’ve got so many fun things planned! Group sprint sessions, writing prompts, guest bloggers with way more knowledge than I have, Q & A webinars, giveaways and contests, all kinds of things. I’m so excited to have you here and hope that you’ll have as much fun experiencing it as we did planning it.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Plot Your Retreat: Message from Travis

Do you need a place to find support during your writing adventures?  Do you sometimes question your ability to craft?  Do you just absolutely hate your plot?

Welcome to the place where writers can retreat online…or have their online retreat.  Wendy Knight (WK) and I will be working together to bring you this one-stop shop for writing support, and other stuff.

I’m Travis, aka S. T. Lakata (STL); writer extraordinaire – grew up writing poetry, and really fell in love with it after taking a creative writing course, which translated to a desire to become a writer, particularly a creative writer.  I am a writer.  That was my first step in admitting the ultimate goal; full-time writer, all of the time; forever and ever…too much?

As a writer, I’ve been privileged to have amazing opportunities to develop my craft.  Over the last ten years, I’ve drafted press releases, newsletters, emails, marketing copy, social media blurbs, and whatever else in-between that has continued my path toward continued creativity and the desire to hone my skillset. I’ve self-published three books in the Weiland Kershaw series, written a fourth and final in that series, and started a short story collection. I am also a Contributor for Fanbase Press where I get to write reviews for “geeky goodness.”

I think initially, at least before I admitted, “I want to be a writer,” or “I am a writer,” I wasn’t sure if it was okay to admit that. Life for me included doubt and an uncertainty of going for my dream job. I guess sometimes admitting what I wanted meant admitting there’s a chance to fail.  I think, and hope, the point of this retreat is to provide an outlet for everyone that shares these doubts, or perhaps just goes through a slump and needs a boost.

So I am collaborating with Wendy Knight, author and friend.  We met through the blog hop, “Gearing Up To Get An Agent (GUTGAA).”  This blog hop was important for me as it allowed me to create a list of many of these participants, and keep tabs on their lives and their experiences.  It has made the social media world much less intimidating.

As introductions go, I hope all those interested in Plot Your Retreat to keep reading for what to expect in the coming days, weeks, months, or possibly years:

  • One Day Online Retreat
    • Community Discussion Groups
    • Online Chat/Video Hangout
    • Blog Posts from Other Writers Leading Up To Event
    • Writing Activities
  • Social Media Posts Promoting Event
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Google+
    • Tumblr
    • Facebook
  • Giveaways
    • Gift Cards
    • Books

This retreat, the ultimate goal, will be to provide a space for writers, editors, or creatives alike to get together and create a support system. The retreat will also have guest writers share their thoughts and ideas behind what motivates or frustrates them within their craft, while allowing others to participate alongside and hopefully provide some helpful solutions to any nagging problems that might be bubbling at the surface, or deep below in the black chasm that only writers can find.  It’s called a light switch; just flick the switch. Am I right?

For those participating as guest writers, we will be sharing your links and content on the internet, so just so you know, people are going to see it.

Plot Your Retreat was created by WK and STL, when the following conversation happened:

WK: “I hate my new plot. I need a road trip. Or a writers retreat #writersproblems”
STL: “Perhaps you (or I) or someone can host an online retreat. Writers can come together for chats & discuss likes, hates, & whatever.”
WK: “Oh my gosh that’s the best idea ever! Let’s do it!”

There you have it folks. That’s how it happened.  We’re going to run with it.

Stay tuned for more details as we look forward to Plot Your Retreat.